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This term you may have heard your child talking about their Learning ladders.

Last summer the Government removed National Curriculum levels, and asked schools to develop their own systems to measure the progress that children make.  Learning ladders are the assessment system that we have implemented in school to do this.


The system works by taking the new National curriculum expectations for each year group and converting them into a ladder of statements for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.


Learning Ladders allows schools to create their own personalised curriculum quickly and easily. The online tools enable senior leaders to define measures for pupil progress using ‘ladders’ to mark stages in a child’s development.


If you have a child at our school, we will have a booklet in school that is kept up to date with where they are on each ladder and all KS2 children will bring a report home termly showing their progress and teacher targets to help them move up their ladder.


Learning Ladders

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