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Keeping Children Safe

 At St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Primary School the welfare of our children is our main priority.

In this leaflet we aim to provide you with all the information you need to help you understand our role when it comes to keeping your child safe.

We take safeguarding very seriously at St Margaret Marys Catholic Primary school, therefore we have a number of policies in relation to safeguarding such as the child protection act. All staff have been trained in level 1 safeguarding, however some have received more advanced training such as our safeguarding team.

  • Take a child centred approach
  • Look out for signs of a safeguarding issue.
  • We teach our pupils about staying safe and introduce lessons on bullying, healthy eating, internet safety and road safety so that the children are aware of how to keep themselves safe.
  • Work with carers, parents and children to resolve concerns brought to our attention.


Types of abuse to look out for

PHYSICAL– Deliberately harming or injuring a child with intent- hitting, biting, punching, nipping and blows to the body .

SEXUAL-- The forceful act of making a child engage in sexual activity/ influence them This is physical and non physical.

NEGLECT– When the child's overall well being is being ignored by parents or carers. Examples are poor hygiene, malnutrition, absences from school, being left in isolation and even disregarding appointments.

EMOTIONAL– A child can be mentally effected by being made to feel unloved, scared and unworthy. This can be caused by children being exposed to violent situations such as parents fighting or even something appearing threatening to the child such as shouting, swearing, bullying and threats.


Our Safeguarding Team

Mr Wilkins: Head Teacher & Safeguard Lead

Mr Denny: Deputy Head Teacher & Deputy Safeguard

Mrs Cook: KS2 Lead

Mrs Chandler: Foundation & KS1 Lead


Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding Leaflet

Safeguarding visitors

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