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The transition process from Primary to Secondary is possibly one of the most arduous processes a child will undertake. The key focus now is to make children ‘secondary ready’ and this will only be possible with closer links between schools regarding attainment and the curriculum. It’s our job as educators to ensure that the transition runs smoothly and that academic attainment of children as they enter Year 7 is not underestimated.


The whole idea of being ‘secondary ready’ is one that is difficult to assess as this covers more than simply academic standing, here at St Margaret Mary we are working to produce independent learners who are enthused by learning however there is a clear discontinuity between Primary and Secondary and this also refers to a child’s perception of progress.


Hopefully the introduction of the new curriculum and the moving away from levels will allow cross key stage links to improve. Children are expected to gain a greater understanding at an earlier age and this is vital to their long term achievement. Both Secondary and Primary could learn a lot from each other and we need to continue to build these links as the key to success is the relationship between child, home and school –this being the collective as we are one in the same with regards to wanting the best for the child, as all involved in education will tell you that just because a child moves on doesn’t mean they are no longer one of your students.


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