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Our children today; more than at any other time before, need to learn and understand the importance and value of displaying a positive attitude. The U Can Shine programme equips pupils with 'essential skills' where they develop...


  •     Self motivation
  •     Positive attitude
  •     Resilience
  •     Creativity
  •     Great work ethic
  •     Collaboration and team building skills


...thus enabling them to achieve more, grow up aspirational and contribute positivley to society.


The programmes runs throughout the school year and culminates in an awards night held at The Sands Centre in Carlisle. The awards are supported by business and business leaders from the local area and celebrate everything that is great across the Primary school communities we’re privileged to be involved in.


Sharing the great work that children have achieved and showcasing their successes and talents is incredibly rewarding for all involved!





"I personally believe; when it comes to testing children in school, they should also be judged and valued for displaying terrific attitudes, resilience, creativity and work ethic. Such values as respect, manners and contributing to school life positively has to be valued even higher."

Shaun Weatherhead.
Founder, U Can Shine


“The feeling of ownership and responsibility instilled in children, allows them to develop confidence, independence, building a positive attitude towards their future”

Head teacher. Chris Wilkins

SMMRC and U Can Shine
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