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St Cuthbert's Catholic School

St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School


Aspiring for Greatness 


Our school’s aim is to show and develop our children’s God given talents whilst ensuring awe and wonder in learning. Our knowledge rich curriculum gives the children a wide range of understanding of our country and the world around us. This understanding is supported with trips as far afield as Edinburgh, London, Holy Island and York.


As a Catholic school, we keep prayer central to all that we do. This gives the children the chance to say thank you for all the  opportunities they receive, it enables them to pray for those that they love and to consider those they consider as less fortunate than themselves. It might sound deep and complicated but it is part of everyday school life for our children. It helps them to develop tolerance for, and understanding of others as well as the ability to understand themselves better. We believe in, and aspire for our children to be the best as we prepare them not just for adult life but for life in heaven.


The community of St Margaret Mary is about every child and their achievement, their happiness and their development. Academia is but one of the many strands of a truly holistic approach to education and we at St Margaret Mary are truly committed to the development of every child in their preferred field. Not all children are lucky enough to have the opportunities for enrichment provided to them by their families and therefore the school’s role increases and thus we support schemes like the Children’s University to drive home the idea of aspiration.


Furthermore, not all parents are confident to engage with the academic aspect of schooling and therefore enrichment activities outside of the school day allow families a means to support the development of their child. We aspire for greatness and we believe that all our children should aim high and fulfil their potential.