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Nurture & Welfare


We are very proud of our Nurture provision which is very flexible based around each child’s need. Nurture is a provision for children who may have difficulties trusting adults and forming attachments. The first few years of a child’s life shapes their future and some children may have missed out on experiences early on which contribute to their feelings of safety and well-being. This is no-one’s fault and may be due to factors such as illness, post-natal depression, domestic abuse, bereavement, family trauma and so on. The children are therefore taken back to an earlier developmental stage in order to revisit moments that may have been lost.


Nurture can take place in many forms and we are a registered member of nurtureuk. We have two spaces available to use for nurture pending on need - The Snug & The Den. Our nurture provision is headed by Miss Hansbury who works as pastoral support for our children out of The Snug.

How is Nurture Assessed?

Progress is measured through the Boxall profile which is completed by Miss Hansbury and the pupil’s class teacher. It is based on the child’s behaviour in class. The Boxall profile assesses children’s social, emotional and behavioural development and the skills they need to possess in order to access learning. Other measures of progress include attendance data as well as academic data such as reading ages.



Coronavirus Wellbeing & Mental Health Resources

Supporting Families and Children's Welfare

Useful Numbers & Contacts


Citizens Advice - 0344 111 444

Gateway to Women - Support for DV - 01228 212090

Children and Families Information Service - 03457 125 737