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St Cuthbert's Catholic School

St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School

House System

Our House System is a means whereby each child can reach their full potential. Every child in the school, from Nursery to Year 6, is assigned a house and this vertical integration from all year groups benefits all our children - be it as a means of developing the communication and language skills of our EYFS children or the mentoring skills of our UKS2.


Our House System promotes healthy competition and It aims to do this by providing House members with enjoyable and competitive House events; thereby allowing students to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.


The overall aim of the House System is to connect all year groups within the school, providing them with the opportunity to further develop skills and experiences in order to become confident and well rounded individuals.


While trying to create more leadership skills and student voice within the House system, every child in Year 6 has an opportunity to be House Captain. These positions help organise and run many of the events the students will participate


House points can be awarded to a child who makes progress, shows improvement, takes a leadership role and participates in various school and house activities.  Every event earns House Points which are collected over the year and updated on the House notice board. At the end of the year the House with the most points wins the House Trophy.


Being a member of a House is about being a part of a team. Every member is significant, as each individual brings unique skills, knowledge and experiences. It’s an important part of life at St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School.



House Captains


House Cup Competitions 


2020 - 2021   House Cup for Sport   -   St Aidan

                      House Cup for Attendance    -    St Hilda

                      House Cup for Academia     -     St Aidan


2021 - 2022   House Cup for Sport   -   St Aidan

                      House Cup for Attendance    -    St Bega

                      House Cup for Academia     -     St Oswald


2022 - 2023.  House Cup for Sport - St Hilda

                      House Cup for Attendance - St Bega

                       House Cup for Academia - St Aidan