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Mathematics will be at the core of your child’s schooling from the moment they start to the moment they leave. They will be involved in drawing, measuring, handling data and lots of other practical activities that will help your child to understand and enjoy the subject. The methods we are advocating are in line with the new National Curriculum (from September 2014). We hope this will be helpful to you and that you will be able to support your child in learning by heart the basic rules which will assist in mental recall eg. number bonds and multiplication tables.


The methods that we use in school may or may not be familiar to you. Children are often confused when they ask parents for help at home and they try to teach the methods that they themselves were taught. Knowing how the methods in this booklet work will help you to help your children.

All staff in school work from this document so that we can ensure the consistency of our approach and can make sure that the children move onto the next step when they are ready.


The four operations that are covered by this booklet are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Whichever operation is being taught the child needs to experience all of these steps to completely conquer it.

1) using objects

2) using pictures

3) using a numberline

4) using an expanded method

5) using a compact written method


To support our Mental maths we have introduced a scheme called Big Maths. This is a systematic approach teaching children basic skills using a chronological approach. Moving the children through the steps encouraging the children to know where they are in their learning and where they need to go next to achieve the next level.

To support parents and children you can access the new updated calculations booklet by using the following link:

All children in Key Stage  1 and Key Stage 2 have access to the Mathletics programme. This resource challenges the children rewarding them with certificates. The children are rewarded with a gold star badge when  they achieve gold. The children also receive a gold star when they know their tables.


Websites to promote your child’s learning of maths:

Key stage 1

Key Stage 2

Below you will find information about Key learning in Mathematics.